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Why the Popularity of Plastic Modular Belts Continues to Soar

The introduction of modern plastic modular belts about 40 years ago, greatly revolutionized conveyance systems and their popularity continues to soar. Made up of hinge rods and injection-moulded plastic modules that are positively driven, they have been transforming the conveyance process.

Users find modular plastic belts more convenient and superior when compared to the conventional belt conveyors. This is especially the case for sectors with heavier loads and high volumes to be handled. To visit a reputable conveyor belt supplier, follow this link: find a conveyor belt here.

Here are a few factors that contribute to the popularity of plastic modular belts:

They are ideal for areas that require a high standard sterilization and cleanliness, like pharmaceuticals and the food industry. They are easier to clean and sanitize than many other alternatives, and are also perfect for reducing bacteria retention and standing liquids. Plastic is cheaper than other materials like fiberglass and stainless steel which offer the same benefits when used for the conveyor systems.

Modular plastic belts like these ones, are more durable than the fabric conveyor belts, are capable of handling larger load capacities and work better under harsh conditions.

The tracking drive using hinge rods, plastic belts, and sprockets make it ideal to handle heavier loads with speed. The positive drive and the tracking ensure that there is no slippage, minimizing damage to the edge of the belt.

The injection molded-modules feature many different surface structures, the most common 3 types being PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and the POM (Acetal). These plastic types are readily available, and each has its own unique characteristics suitable for the smooth function of the conveyor belt. They have the strength, temperature resistance, hardness, density and are friction coefficient.

The design for modular belting is either open hinged or closed hinged. Your requirements and product type will determine your choice. The open hinged is specifically designed for cases where sanitation is critical, while closed hinged is ideal for handling materials and other highly loaded applications other than food.

You need only to replace the damaged plastic segments of the plastic modular belt, unlike the belt conveyors that require full replacement.

Areas of application

Plastic modular belts are best suited to industries that handle high volumes, heavy loads and/or sensitive products requiring high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. These include food processing, construction, automotive, agricultural, forestry (wood movement), industrial, pharmaceuticals, packaging and material handling, shipping and clearing, as well as recycling sectors.

No need to get cross: Needlework and cross-stitching make a surprise comeback and its younger women leading the way

  • Needlework becoming more popular among 18-to-35-year-olds
  • More than 300,000 visit sewing websites for materials and advice
  • Cross-stitch kits also selling fast as activity gets trendy
  • Sales of sewing machines up by 216% at John Lewis 

It is a gentle pastime of the older generations that was on the brink of becoming a thing of the past.

But needlework and cross-stitching classes have made a surprise comeback among 18 to 35-year-olds.

Cross stitch kits, pictured, are selling fast across the country as 18-to-35-year-olds take up the hobby

Rising sales of sewing machines and cross-stitch kits are now driven by a new generation of home craft lovers.

A few years ago, a boom in knitting was fueled by celebrity fans including Kate Moss and Julia Roberts pledging their love for the relaxing hobby.

Now, it seems the latest trend is cross stitch, a form of embroidery that uses X-shaped stitches to form a picture.

Almost half the readers of Love Sewing magazine are now aged 25 to 35.

Christmas sales of a hip-looking John Lewis sewing machine clearly aimed at a younger customer were up by 216per cent. And sales of a mini version of the model doubled over the festive season.

Last year, nearly 100,000 people aged 18-24 browsed Britain’s largest online needlecraft shop, sewandso.co.uk.

And around 200,000 people aged 25-34 visited the website to buy materials or search for advice.

Emma Hall, a customer service adviser for the website, said that younger sewers increasingly share their designs and ideas with friends on social media.

The 26-year-old told the Sunday Times: ‘Websites such as Pinterest have endless crafting inspiration. We have seen a big increase in younger people engaging with us on social media.’

Sewing machine sales at John Lewis are up by 216 per cent as the craze sweeps the nation (file picture)

Florence Watts, 23, from North London, said she started cross-stitching five years ago when she went to a ‘cupcakes, cocktails and cross stitch’ event with her mother.

The set designer said: ‘We were given cross stitching patterns to follow and all the kit. I found it really addictive, so I stocked up at my local haberdashery and brought it all to university.’

Phil Davidson runs cross-stitch events and is the founder of urban-cross-stitch.com, a website selling youthful deigns and alternative kits.

He said: ‘If cross-stitch isn’t revitalised for young people it’s a craft that is going to be lost.

‘When most people think about cross-stitch they think about grannies and kittens and puppies whereas the stuff I do is inspired by graffiti and retro computer games.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3382941/Needlework-cross-stitching-make-surprise-comeback-younger-women-leading-way.html

Property for Sale in Mitchells Plain: Benefits of Using Estate Agents

Selling your own Mitchells Plain property is not as simple as placing an advert and waiting for clients to call you or show up at your door. There are laws surrounding fair housing and real estate disclosure and contracts that need to be drawn up to protect both the buyer and the seller.

When it comes to property for sale Mitchells Plain estate agents are essential for a speedy, smooth sale process, because they are able to invest more time and have the necessary experience.

Here are a few more benefits estate agents offer:


It’s an estate agent’s full-time job to connect buyers and sellers. This is an easier task for them than it would be for you, because they have access to a broad range of listed properties, including those listed by other agents.

They have been in the business long enough to know what needs to be done to help both buyers and sellers put a deal together. For buyers, real estate agents help to track down numerous properties for sale, providing various options to choose from. They’re also in constant contact with sellers, which makes it easy for them to arrange viewing appointments for potential buyers.

Estate Agent

Negotiating on your behalf:

Not all properties in Mitchells Plain are worth the same amount of money. Properties in Strandfontein will be worth more than properties in Eastridge, for example. An estate agency based in Mitchells Plain, like http://www.realnet.co.za/property/for-sale/western-cape/mitchells%20plain/-1/ specializes in this area, so they will know what realistic asking prices are. If you are buying, they’ll negotiate to get the lowest price with the seller for you and if you are selling, they’ll negotiate the highest selling price with potential buyers on your behalf.

Potential buyers find it easier to talk to the estate agent than the owner about problem areas the house may have. Thanks to their experience, they know how to read potential buyers, so they’ll know when to sway potential buyers to purchase properties or to let them go.


Estate agent contracts protect you from unscrupulous buyers and sellers, should certain conditions fail to be met.


Estate agents are licensed for the job, so if they don’t comply with the code of conduct set out by The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), they risk losing their licenses. This means they are not allowed to lie, something sellers themselves don’t mind doing if it makes their homes sell faster, and they have to act in their client’s best interest at all times.

It is true that you could buy or sell your Mitchells Plain property without the services of a reputable estate agency, but it opens a door to many risks that you may not know of. Hiring an estate agent who knows area will save you a lot of time and give you peace of mind.

How to Use Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

The number of people downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps has greatly increased in the past few months. However, a big number of them do not know how to effectively use and get the most out of the apps. Here are some top ways to use these software tools to your advantage.

File Sharing

One of the common uses of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps is in locating files and sharing with other compatible devices. The apps allow users to format their files in desirable sizes and sending them to another device in a simple and swift way. With a fully-fitted digital publishing suite, you can either choose to circulate the files yourself or share them with another source for easy distribution. The steps used in file sharing are simple and easy to grasp for an average user. This means that you will not struggle when it comes to figuring out how to send a picture, folders or even video programs from your desktop to another device.


Find Hundreds of Fonts

Adobe Creative Cloud system applications are developed with over a hundred different writing fonts that you might find useful. This is especially true if you are writer or a content developer who needs different font sizes to make your work look more beautiful. Instead of being limited to the old and unattractive Times New Roman font, you will be exposed to many fonts to choose from and you’ll be able to preview your work before publishing. These are benefits that you are likely to find useful if you use your desktop to help you with digital designing job.


Image Editing and Animation

Photoshop is a Creative Cloud app that will help make your photos more illustrious by making use of digital visual effects and digital animation are available in this software tool. These are useful in the animation programming systems, where cartoon programs and sci-fi films give life to objects that are rendered lifeless in real life situation. Image editing is also important when there is need to improve your status and appearance especially if you will be sharing the photos on online digital forums. The apps can help you add digital effects, captions and most importantly, make the images look more clear and attractive.


Lastly, it is important to realize that there are other technical uses of Creative Cloud apps for desktop devices. Some of these can be understood more easily after downloading the apps and installing them into your device.

Why it’s Better to Hire SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is fundamental when it comes to ranking any online property on the search engines, regardless of whether it’s in respect of an individual, small business or large corporation. The key to successful SEO is that you have the right people doing it. That’s why it’s better to hire SEO services from professionals.

Professional companies like IM Applied SEO SEO serviceshave the necessary experience to get your company to the first page of the search engines. They’ll meet with you, analyze your website and work out a tailormade plan with you to get your company to the top. IM Applied SEO offers safe and effective SEO as part of their broader online marketing strategy.  While they are well known for local SEO services Cape Town, their portfolio also includes national and international services. Everything they offer, from IM Applied Web Design to Digital Marketing to Customer Conversions all work hand in hand to improve your company’s sales.

You’ve probably seen articles saying that SEO isn’t all that complicated and that you can do it yourself, but if it’s something you haven’t done before, it’s not as simple as they make it out to be. There are risks involved and it’s time-consuming to learn.

It’s like giving a car to someone who’s never driven a car and isn’t familiar with the road rules. They know the car is meant to take them from point A to point B, but they won’t be able to get to point B successfully, because they lack driving experience. Sure, they can read articles on “how to drive” and “road rules”, but even if they do this, they won’t simply be able to climb into the car and drive to point B, because successful driving takes practice. If they do attempt to drive themselves to point B, based only on what they’ve read they’re bound to break a lot of road rules, resulting in being fined and causing accidents. It’s likely they’ll write the car off before reaching point B, leaving them without a way to get there and needing to start from scratch. It would be so much better if they’d rather asked a licensed driver with a few years of experience to take them to point B in that car. The experienced driver would know how to operate the car, be familiar with the road rules and be aware of other vehicles on the road, meaning he’d get them from point A to point B safely, while saving time.

It’s the same when it comes to SEO for your online property. Reading up on SEO to gain knowledge is time consuming and once you put it into practice, you run the risk of having your website or blog penalized if you don’t have the necessary experience. It’s safer to hire an experienced SEO company to do your SEO for you and you’ll have more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of your blog or business.

The Unique Benefits of Volunteering Africa

It seems that just about everyone is talking about travelling to Africa and giving something back. By joining Volunteering Africa, you’ll get to do that because you’ll gain the benefits of both travelling and volunteering.

Volunteering abroad with Volunteering Africa, will afford you with many opportunities. You’ll be able to travel to Africa, learn new cultures, become more open minded, learn a few new skills while honing in on your strengths, make new friends and create awesome new memories. Let’s look at a few of the benefits in detail.volunteer

Of course, you’ll get to travel, but what makes volunteering abroad in Africa unique is that you’ll get to be a part of the local community during your stay.

This volunteer programs facilitates groups of volunteers at a time, so you’ll live and work with other volunteers from different places. Many life-long friendships have been made this way and strong networking will benefit you both personally and professionally. Have a look at the different types of volunteering programs available.

International volunteering and interning programs will provide you with hands-on training and learning opportunities. Over and above the travelling-while-giving-something-back benefits, these programs can be used to earn credits towards university degrees, to earn volunteering hours for graduate and med school applications or to take a co-op term. For more on volunteering, follow this link.

If you stay in a foreign country for a short period, you’ll pick up on some of the lingo used there. If you stay long enough, you’ll be able to learn a new language, because you’ll be able to practice it every day. This will certainly look good on your CV.

The experiences and skills you’ve acquired through volunteering abroad makes you more attractive to potential employers. They will know you’re able to travel to a different country on your own, that you’re able to work with and respect people who do things differently than you and that you’re able to stand on your own and work under pressure and outside of your comfort zone. It also shows that you’re prepared to take on challenges and that you have a good character.

Not only will you reap these unique benefits through volunteering abroad in Africa, your perspective on life will change and you’ll want to be a better person. There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to volunteering. You can choose what field of volunteering you’d prefer to work in and you can volunteer abroad from 2 weeks to 2 years.

It’s important to find a good volunteering agency that will be able to provide you with the opportunity to join the relevant volunteering programs or internships that you’d prefer. Have a look at the Volunteering Africa website. This agency will provide you with applicable advice to help you prepare for your trip and offer accommodation, transport, guidance and good support throughout your stay.

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